We would be delighted to work with you on your project whether you know exactly what you need already or you’ve just got an idea to discuss first. We have worked with clients to manufacture many bespoke concrete products including wall cladding, retaining walls, sea defence units, runway supports, planters, street furniture, specialist benches, anti terrorism units, ramps and memorial structures to name a few. We are used to solving unusual requests where a precast concrete solution is desirable. Often this is because there is a tension between a structural and aesthetic requirement. Sometimes this can manifest itself as a complex shape which only the flexibility of concrete can readily accommodate. We are able to assist in the development of designs and offer practical advice on finding economic solutions. 

If you’ve got something in mind and it’s in its very early development, don’t worry about your idea getting out there before you want it to – we are more than happy to sign your confidentiality agreement too.   

Not sure if its feasible in concrete?  Bespoke Concrete Products love a conversation that starts “it’s probably impossible but we wonder if you could ……..”. These enquiries result in much excitement in the production department because they do love a challenge. We have helped with a whole range of unique and one off projects from conceptual ideas though to aiding installation on site so have manufactured some weird and wonderful structures and units as well as creating some wonderful colours and finishes in the process. If you have an idea, even if its conceptual, please contact us to discuss how we can help.    

Some examples are shown below. 

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